Weekly Playlist: This Charming Man

For certain segments of the population, it was impossible to miss the report that Morrissey (now a half-century old) collapsed during a show this past weekend. Thankfully, he’s since recovered and is continuing his tour. The incident reminds me of when, back in 2000, Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music was nearly killed on a commercial flight when a deranged passenger snuck into the cockpit, grabbed the controls, and threw the plane into a nosedive. At their age, both artists should be kicking back, getting tans, and enjoying themselves.

Besides wishing him the best, I’ve compiled a list of my five favorite Smiths songs, along with tracks from some oft-overlooked bands of the same era who share Morrissey’s penchant for jangly guitars and wavering, literate vocals. And it’s all great music for fall.

Girlfriend in a Coma The Smiths

A Rush and a Push (And the Land is Ours) The Smiths

Death of a Disco Dancer The Smiths

Asleep The Smiths

There is a Light (And it Never Goes Out) The Smiths

Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow Felt

Bye Bye Pride The Go Betweens

Skank Bloc Bologna Scritti Politti

Dying Day Orange Juice

Heather Wedding Present