ViewGirl Morgan Saint is a self-described alien who hates the word “fans”

Morgan Wears Top and Pants by Miu Miu. Necklace by Versace. Boots by Isabel Marant.

Currently on tour somewhere between Philadelphia, Arkansas, and the rest of the world, the 24-year-old synth-pop ingénue Morgan Saint is a self-described alien who doesn’t mind writing songs on airplanes. Here, six other things about our December ViewGirl that you should know.


1. “I literally just woke up from a nap two minutes ago.”

2. “I’m not trying to offend anyone who’s from there, but Arkansas is the most fascinating place I’ve seen on tour so far—especially the gas stations. They’ll have a wall with guns and bows and arrows on one side of the store, and then, like, tacos on the other side.”

3. “When I was growing up on Long Island, I had moments when I would look around and think, ‘I don’t relate to anything around me. I don’t even feel human.’ That feeling of being an outsider is where the title of my album, Alien, comes from.” 

4. “I hate to use the word ‘fans’—it feels weird to me.”

5. “I love Instagram, because you portray yourself however you want to be perceived. It doesn’t mean you have to be contrived. It can even push you to be more honest.

6. “I don’t have a specific ritual for writing music. I definitely like to light a candle—tea is always good—but I don’t need those things. There’s been times when I’ve written full songs on a plane without any instruments.”


Hair: Rubi Jones using at Julian Watson Agency
Makeup: Seong Hee Park at Julian Watson Agency
Photography Assistant: Noah Blough
Fashion Assistant: Devon Savage
Manicure: Rachel Shim using CHANEL Beauty at Joe Management