Nice to Meet You: Ukrainian Singer Luna On The Shining and the Importance of a Smile

Photo by Max Dutka. Bra by Frolov. Underwear by Anton Belinskiy.

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Meet Kristina Luna, also known by her stage name Luna (ЛУНА), which translates to “moon” in Russian. The 29-year-old pop star was once described as the face and sound of the Ukrainian musical revolution, and she’s lived up to her name. Since the release of her first album Magneti in 2016, Luna has captivated the minds of post-Soviet youth with her infectious, sometimes moody synth-pop and exuberant fashion choices. Ahead of an upcoming album and multiple back-to-back single releases, like the instant club banger “Dolphins” and the ever-haunting “Чужие Люд” (“Strangers”), the mother, musician, and hopelessly romantic pop star called up Interview from her home in Ukraine to talk about her morning routine (which includes a daily smile), her favorite Kubrick film, and the one rule she lives by.


On her morning routine: Every morning starts with a smile. I think it’s the most important thing to do after you wake up. After this I do yoga, have breakfast, and some vitamins. Then I take my son to school.

On her rule to live by: No regrets. That’s my rule.

On being a lifelong artist: Before starting my career as a singer, I used to work as a photographer and director. Even now, when I have a great team of professionals I can trust to make all the visual content, I’m  involved in art direction of my photoshoots and music videos. I was born as an artist and I’ll die an artist.

Bra by Frolov. Underwear by Anton Belinskiy. Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

On Kubrick: When I used to live in LA, I visited the Stanley Kubrick exhibition in LACMA and was pretty amazed by his approach to filmmaking. The Shining is his masterpiece. I watched this movie over and over again. Every time I watched I noticed how every detail from color correction and visual perspective to acting and plot twists creates the atmosphere and suspense. This movie is a real piece of art, and if someone hasn’t watched it yet, do it right now.

On love: In order to listen to my music and to understand it, a person should be in love.

On hemophobia: I used to pass out every time the doctors tried to take my blood sample. Even now I always feel dizzy when I see it. 

On her bookshelf: At this moment I’m reading Moon and Sixpence, a novel by William Sommerset Maugham.

On not-so-guilty guilty pleasures: Vegan fast food is ok, but I don’t think I will ever prefer it to home-cooked food. I’m trying to eat simple and healthy, and fast-food, even vegan, usually contains fat or fried ingredients or chemicals. If you want to eat something fast and healthy, please eat a fruit or some nuts.

On finding her zen: I always go somewhere I can be alone and do some yoga to clear my mind.


Styling: Anastasiia Gutnyk
Makeup: Yulia Zalesskaya
Hair: Julia Stets
Lighting: Rostyslav Oleksyn
Photo Assistant: Georgii Zaria