Taylor Swift is Back to Being A Good Girl

Still from Swift’s new music video, “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie.

She’s back. Taylor Alison Swift has made her much anticipated return with the new song and music video “ME!”, featuring Brendon Urie, of Panic! At The Disco fame. The sherbet-tinged pop anthem drags us into a lip-gloss soaked alternate universe where Lisa Frank reigns eternal. The latter reference might not land with many of the singer’s fans—better known as Swifties—and that’s okay, they’re going to attack anyone who has anything less than praise for this song. “ME!” is the first single to follow Swift’s foray into edgy, dark music, and bangs, a.k.a Reputation. The video features Swift trying to act, but also being goofy, “speaking” French, and being SUPER relatable. Interestingly enough, the opening scene  features a pastel colored snake that poofs into a kaleidoscope of butterflies, an obvious nod to her Reputation era, but maybe also a hint as to what’s to come. Seems like Swift is done playing bad girl, and is ready to go back to being her old rainbow glitter, unicorn hair, cat-loving self—and she doesn’t care if we like it or not.