Swae Lee Never Sleeps, Except When He Sleeps

What makes a rock star in the age of Instagram? Boundless creative energy? Clearly. Strong weed and a good tailor? Couldn’t hurt. Shrimp-topped penne, a pair of bodyguards, and a $15,000 baby Capuchin? Always. With billions of YouTube plays under his belt and a fourth album by Rae Sremmurd, the rap duo comprised of him and his brother Slim Jxmmi, on its way, Swae Lee gives us a play-by-play of an average day.


4:00PM:  I wake up at 3 or 4 o’clock—usually 4 o’clock, and that’s if I sleep. The first thing I do is meditate, with herbal cannabis aromatherapy and some good gas, in bed with my monkeys. I sleep with my monkeys—Naya and Lil G—because I like waking up with them. They’re like my kids.


4:32PM:  After I hop up out the shower, I’ll look in the mirror and feel a certain way. That’s when I go to my closet. My favorite thing to wear is something with a nice cut. If it’s baggy, I think
it’s ugly. I want something that fits my body.

Coat by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Jewelry (worn throughout) Swae’s own


4:43PM:  I feed my monkeys out of bottles made for premature babies. I also feed them all kinds of fruit. The hardest part about taking care of a monkey is changing the fucking diapers. It’s gross.


5:10PM:  After I feed my monkeys, I have to feed myself. The sad thing about waking up at 4 o’clock is missing breakfast, so you gotta make up for that by eating a hefty dinner-for-lunch. I like rice, maybe with some potatoes or a piece of animal. I don’t really like doing that because it’s sad, but I have to survive, so, you know.

STILL 5:10PM:  My favorite dinner-for-lunch is the seafood pasta at Bossa Nova on Sunset.

Coat and Underwear by Versace. Boots by John Fluevog

8:30–9:30PM:  The studio is the reason I’ve been missing all these breakfasts. I roll up there with two bad bitches and a couple bodyguards depending on if it’s a high-security studio. I like to have a slumber party in there, going through an ounce, making music with the greatest producer in the world, Mike Will Made It.


10:00AM:  The best part of owning monkeys is hugging them when you come home and just having them by you. They’re like these furry little humans. They pick up on vibes, too, like, “Oh, this is not a good person.” And then they get mad and try to bite someone. I let everybody know, like, “Yo, if the monkey doesn’t like you, then you have to leave.” Because the monkey’s not gonna leave.


10:31AM:  I fall asleep with my necklaces on, unless it’s a day when I don’t wear jewelry. When I go to sleep, my body is ready to shut down. I can’t even stand. It’s like I’m out of gas and I have to recharge my Tesla.