Soundclouds of the Underground: Post Thanks Edition


These days, music truly lives online, with an infinite number of websites dedicated to hosting tunes for the  laptop-wielding masses. However, the web’s bottomless pit of blogs isn’t the only place to troll for mp3 treasures—some of the newest and most exciting (Internet-friendly) artists can be sought out via Soundcloud, the online stage that allows musicians to promote and distribute their music to fans and friends across the globe. In this weekly column, expert Internet sleuth Alex Chapman goes into the depths of the music-sharing site, in hopes of shedding light on emerging acts, as well as sharing some digital diamonds in the rough.

We took a week off to indulge in some Thanksgiving eating, and while we were scarfing down leftovers we started to ponder: What new music are we truly thankful for? We gathered a group of three tracks, each giving us something new and exciting to look forward to as we head towards another new year. Check out the songs below!

James K: “DrunkTrack”

Who: An eccentric siren, Jamie Krasner might be familiar to some for her work with Mykki Blanco collaborator Gobby as one half of SETH, or for her vocals on producer Physical Therapy‘s “Drone On.” Krasner is a producer herself, and it’s her own haunting, seemingly disordered arrangements that make her especially interesting.

Song: A punchy synth used as the song’s pulse, Krasner’s voice bends and soars in a gorgeous prolonged coo, interspersed with choppier, obscure harmonic moments. It’s almost otherworldly, like an electronically inclined echo chamber.

Current Project: James K recently released her Rum EP, which you can check out here.

Eric Dingus  x DJ Smokey : “Mexican  Plug”

Who: Ever since Austin’s 18-year-old talent Eric Dingus released his rousing rendition of Drake’s “Worst Behavior“—which was soon recognized by Drake’s OVO camp—people have been beginning to notice the distinct beatmaker and his dark, dreamlike beats.

Song: Dingus teams up with Canadian beatsmith DJ Smokey for this mystical trap track, a hard-hitting yet relaxed beat that seems influenced by the Memphis underground sound Smokey is known for. The collaboration is a perfect fit, the two churning out a layered track that can be appreciated at the club as well as on the couch.  

Current Project: Get more info on Eric, who also acts as the co-owner of Dream Sequence Records, here

Ayer: “Circle Down”

Who: Brooklyn-based talent Danny Schmittler and producer Micky Valen make up Ayer, a perfect pop duo whose sound plays with elements of nu-disco, synth-pop, and anything else that feels like a lit-up dancefloor ontop of a cloud.

Song: “Circle Down” finds Schmittler’s voice sitting in a sexy, Barry Gibb-esque falsetto as he sings, “So take me with you now, I’m gonna circle down.” The track overwhelmingly catchy, an infectious anthem that proves Ayer is a force to be reckoned with.

Current Project: Keep up with Ayer on their Facebook page.

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