Soundclouds of the Underground: Da Club Edition


These days, music truly lives online, with an infinite number of websites dedicated to hosting tunes for the laptop-wielding masses. However, the web’s bottomless pit of blogs isn’t the only place to troll for mp3 treasures—some of the newest and most exciting (Internet-friendly) artists can be sought out via Soundcloud, the online stage that allows musicians to promote and distribute their music to fans and friends across the globe. In this weekly column, expert Internet sleuth Alex Chapman goes into the depths of the music-sharing site, in hopes of shedding light on emerging acts, as well as sharing some digital diamonds in the rough.

Here at SCOTU (that acronym is really catching on), we are all about providing you with mini party-playlists, songs that will spark the energy at any event. But this week we’re showing love to the deep cuts, the club tracks that work best when the dancefloor is filled and everyone’s got their game face and dancing shoes on. Check out the three distinct tracks selected below, and be sure to add them to your rotation.

Tony Quattro: “Mr. Tough Guy”

Who: Recently dubbed “The Joe Pesci of NYC House” by Vice’s dance music site Thump, the boisterous NYC-born producer combines the coolness of ’90s house with the grandiosity of today’s biggest, baddest beats. 

The Song: The title track off his newest EP (recently released via Trouble & Bass), “Mr. Tough Guy” works for its name—the track is a fast-paced, hard-hitting club banger that barely ever lets up. As sharp synths attack atop a booming bass, you can almost hear all the pandemonium this track could create at a club. 

Current Project:
Grab Mr Tough Guy here, and keep up with Quattro via his Facebook page.

: “Hadjar El Hibla Riddim” 

Who: A member of NY/L.A. collective MOD, an incredibly talented set of young DJ/producers who’ve gotten loads of attention on Soundcloud for their killer tracks, Rewrote combines dark, obscure sounds and melodies to create dancefloor jams that are also just as engaging when you’re all alone with your headphones.

The Song:
This track was just released off Slugabed’s DJ collective/record label Activia Benz, and its pretty much guaranteed to ignite any rave, basement party, or fog-heavy rager. The throbbing bass and snare switch-up are infectious—a simple, aggressive groove designed for getting down.

Current Project: Rewrote’s newest “exotic animals.png” mix is definitely worth a listen, and if you want more check his Facebook page

Heavee Teklife: “GMS”

Who: A member of Teklife, Chicago’s worldwide-renowned production collective, Heavee (much like the other members of his crew) does an amazing job of fusing footwork with an array of eclectic genres. His track track “Sex a Pill,” a smooth collab with fellow Teklife member DJ Earl, is a great example.

The Song: “GMS” is a slick song that conjures up a calming drum & bass groove with moments of footwork and juke seamlessly blended. “Please don’t get me started,” the vocal sample repeats—if you don’t plan on dancing so hard you sweat through your shirt, you should heed Heavee’s warning.

Current Project: Be sure to see Heavee play the famed GHE20G0TH1K party on April 25. For more on Heavee, click here.

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