A Night at the Opera with Sasha Lazard

Though she has been known to perform at events in honor of designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Caroline Herrera, not to mention luxury brands Bulgari, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, and Maserati, Sasha Lazard’s performance tonight at the Boom Boom Room is just for her. Accompanying her signature blend of classical music, rock, opera, and electronica will be composer Dave Eggar and eighteen-year-old self-described “song-doodler” Katie Costello (“She has this wise, incredible poetic wisdom,” Sasha said of her opening act over the phone yesterday afternoon, adding “And she looks just like a little doll.”) Raised in New York and Paris in “a family of journalists”–Sasha’s sister and father are both employed at ABC–she put in some time as a research assistant in the network’s investigative unit before realizing her talents were better suited to a career behind a microphone, rather than a desk. However, she still enthusiastically incorporates the film-editing skills she picked up in television into the visual component of her live performance. This skill for mixing mediums also manifests itself in the bi-monthly salons she hosts at the National Arts Club, where she brings together an intimate group of artists and civilians for everything from singing, improvisational painting, impromptu readings, belly dancing displays, and Portuguese folk music, to lectures by a pearl expert her friend discovered at a New York flea market. Clearly, whatever you’re into, her 10PM appearance atop the Standard Hotel will have you covered. (PHOTO COURTESY OF SASHA LAZARD)

Sasha Lazard performs tonight at 10PM at the Boom Boom Room located at 442 West 13th Street in New York.