Occupy Musicians Look to Make Noise



Triumph the Insult Comic Dog may have famously (and hilariously) chided Occupy Wall Street  and its seemingly endless drum circles earlier this month, but it would appear the movement’s musical presence only continues to grow. Yesterday marked the launch of Occupy Musicians, a homebase for music-makers who support OWS and its satellite protests. Among the first to sign up were Lou Reed, Saul Williams, Dan Deacon, Jello Biafra, members of Sonic Youth, and Zuccotti Park alumni Tom Morello and Jeff Mangum, both of whom braved the cold to deliver rousing acoustic sets for tent city residents in the past month.
Occupy Musicians joins established sites such as Occupy Writers and Occupy Filmmakers in the effort to lend added cultural credence to the constantly buzz-worthy Occupy movement. What kind of impact the site has remains to be seen, but organizers say they are looking to use the space to coordinate performances at protest sites and to host related media by undersigned artists. In any event, those monitoring the movement can expect plenty more drumming in the weeks and months to come.