Obnoxious, Trendy, Sexy: Meet Isabella Lovestory

Isabella Lovestory

Earrings by Panconesi.


Pop princess Isabella Lovestory is a firework dipped in plastic. Here, the cute and chaotic starlet gives us a taste of her fantasy world, and tells us why she’s ready to explode. 


INTERVIEW: Where do you work? 

ISABELLA LOVESTORY: In my room, Isabella Lovestory Headquarters. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your morning routine? 

LOVESTORY: I wake up, drink coffee with MCT collagen oil, and say hi to my dog and cat, Flaco and Gati. Then I try to have fun and enjoy life. 

INTERVIEW: What gives you energy?

LOVESTORY: Making art, coffee, music, singing, dancing, movies, sexxxxxx. 

INTERVIEW: What are you made of? 

LOVESTORY: Plastic and fireworks. 

INTERVIEW: How much stamina do you have?


INTERVIEW: What gives you stamina?


Isabella Lovestory

Earrings by Panconesi. Top by Gogo Graham. Bottoms by Anna Daminova. Belt (worn on arm) by Diesel. Earrings by Y/Project. Bracelet by Tiffany and Co. Ring (left) by Hugo Kriet. Ring (right) by Versani.

INTERVIEW: How many hours a day do you work?

LOVESTORY: Twenty-four. 

INTERVIEW: What is the hardest you’ve worked? 

LOVESTORY: When I had math tutoring all of elementary school because I failed math each and every year. 

INTERVIEW: What makes work fun?

LOVESTORY: Being optimistic, open, and curious. No clout chasing, at least the unfunny kind. 

INTERVIEW: How do you build stamina? 

LOVESTORY: Saying fuck you bitch keep going.

INTERVIEW: What’s your motivation?

LOVESTORY: Love and money. 

Isabella Lovestory

Top by Ludovic de Saint Sernin. Bottoms by Vex Latex. Sunglasses by Isabel Marant. Earring (left), Necklace and Ring (right top hand) by Versani. Earring (right) by Pattaraphan. Ring (middle) by Fry Powers. Ring (right hand, bottom) by Qin Xu. Shoes by Giuseppi Zanotti.

INTERVIEW: What counts as hard work?

LOVESTORY: Making your hands bleed. 

INTERVIEW: What holds you back?

LOVESTORY: If I think something isn’t perfect/beautiful. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your dream job?

LOVESTORY: What I’m doing right now. 

INTERVIEW: When does it feel like work?

LOVESTORY: When I have to sacrifice my integrity to get my money. 

INTERVIEW: What got you in trouble at work?

LOVESTORY: When I played extremely vulgar music as a cashier at a pizzeria. And when I took a picture with a puppy behind the cash; apparently that’s not allowed. 

INTERVIEW: What do you do on your days off? 

LOVESTORY: Acupuncture and lay in the sun the whole day. 

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite workout?

LOVESTORY: You already know. 

INTERVIEW: What makes you tired?

LOVESTORY: Stupidity. 

INTERVIEW: What keeps you awake?

LOVESTORY: My crush. 

INTERVIEW: What makes you sweat?

LOVESTORY: My crush. 

INTERVIEW: How do you endure? 

LOVESTORY: The will to live. 

Isabella Lovestory

Top, Skirt, Belt, and Boots by Isabel Marant. Earrings by Mara Peralta. Necklace and Earrings by Versani. Diamond Ring (right hand) by Fry Powers.

INTERVIEW: How do you unplug?

LOVESTORY: The will to sleep. 

INTERVIEW: When do you crash?

LOVESTORY: When I don’t take luxurious baths at least twice a week. 

INTERVIEW: Where do you want to retire?

LOVESTORY: Away from the world in a mountain near the beach in Honduras.

INTERVIEW: Has the work paid off?

LOVESTORY: Definitely, I’m here talking to you!

INTERVIEW: What’s the atmosphere like at work?

LOVESTORY: Chaotic and fun. I’m always playing music. Shiny stuff all around my desk. 

INTERVIEW: What do you need? 

LOVESTORY: I need absolutely everything at its highest intensity and perfection. 

INTERVIEW: What gets you down? 

LOVESTORY: When I focus too much what’s going on outside. 

INTERVIEW: What keeps you up? 

LOVESTORY: My dreams. 

INTERVIEW: Who do you want to be?


Isabella Lovestory

Dress, Earring (bottom), Sunglasses, and Boots by Balenciaga. Earring (top) by D’Heygere. Earring (middle) by Pattaraphan. Bracelet by Tiffany and Co.

INTERVIEW: What do you want to create?

LOVESTORY: Beautiful, sexy, glorious things.

INTERVIEW: What do you want to leave behind?

LOVESTORY: My heels, deeply indented on the face of the earth.

INTERVIEW: What’s the worth fighting for?

LOVESTORY: Anything you want. Love, hate, a glass of wine, lip gloss.

INTERVIEW: What’s your reality?

LOVESTORY: Cotton candy perfume and a vampire bite on my neck.


Models: TEO CISORIO at WANT MANAGEMENT, Gab Galipeau, and Moe Rose

Hair and Makeup: Laurie Derpas using Danessa Myricks Beauty and Davines Pro Hair 

Photography Assistant: Jean-Christophe Jacques

Hair and Makeup Assistant: Vincent Bergeron 

Special Thanks: Pat’s Pet Show