Madonna Through the Years

In Old News, we highlight a piece from Interview‘s past that resonates with the present.

“She’s the hottest, shrewdest be-bop darling on the pop charts—a crossover dream with a powerful, girlie-sweet voice and the best dancer/performer since Michael Jackson.” Those were the first words ever printed in Interview about a young singer named Madonna Louise Ciccone, whose self-titled debut album had been released one year before her debut in the magazine. Since that initial article—which ran in Interview‘s April 1984 edition—Madonna has appeared on no fewer than eight covers of the magazine, including one she shared with Magic Johnson and Chuck Close in 1992.

We present a look back at every cover of Interview Madonna has graced—each presented with a representative quote that encapsulates the singer at that point in her career. From that famous crotch-grabbing shot, photographed by Herb Ritts in 1990, to last year’s red cross-emblazoned closeup, the Material Girl has remained an icon to be reckoned with. Click through our slideshow, and you’ll understand why.