Lil Huddy on Regrets, Nightmares, and Snacks

Chase Hudson has something to prove. A TikTok megastar who became famous on the app for his viral lip syncs and choreographed dances, the California native, known to his tens of millions of fans as Lil Huddy, is making the transition to pop-punk rockstar. But behind all the nail polish, tattoos, and piercings are actual songs, the latest of which is “America’s Sweetheart,” which Hudson says was “inspired by the worst night of my life and all of the emotions I felt as I overcame such a difficult time.” The music video features Hudson’s ex-girlfriend Charli D’Amelio and offers a look into the headspace Hudson was in when he recorded the song. Before he releases his debut album this summer, Lil Huddy took a few minutes to answer some questions from the writings of Andy Warhol.


ANDY WARHOL: What did you eat for breakfast?

LIL HUDDY: Honey Nut Cheerios and raspberries!  

WARHOL: Who was the nicest person you worked for?

HUDDY: Mod Sun and Machine Gun Kelly. They were sweet the whole time, kept good energy, and were always excited to hype me up and talk with me after we shot a scene.  

WARHOL: What’s your favorite movie?

HUDDY: The movie Blended holds a soft spot in my heart. It’s hilarious, it’s Adam Sandler, and it’s the best rom-com for sure.  

WARHOL: Who are your favorite actors?

HUDDY: Adam Sandler, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jonah Hill.  

WARHOL: Do you play an instrument?

HUDDY: Guitar. Electric to be exact.  

WARHOL: Do you dream?

HUDDY: Only nightmares. I have nightmares about war, people I hate, and just shitty things in general. 

WARHOL: Showers or baths?

HUDDY: Showers.  

WARHOL: Are you a good cook? If so, what’s your specialty?

HUDDY: Absolutely not, but I do cook some mean eggs, mac and cheese, and top ramen. I made pancakes one or two times. Wasn’t too good at that either.  

WARHOL: Is there anything you regret not doing?

HUDDY: At times I regret not going out enough, not interacting with enough people, and trying to make friends. Just because I’m a very closed-off person. 

WARHOL: How many tubes of lipstick do you use a day?

HUDDY: None.  

WARHOL: When do you get nervous?

HUDDY: Meeting new people, getting asked weird questions, and getting put on the spot. 

WARHOL: What do you like in a person?

HUDDY: Character, music taste, style, sense of humor, sweetness.  

WARHOL: What do you think about love?

HUDDY: Love is very difficult but worth it in the long run. It’s a roller coaster of feelings, mostly pain and comfort, but a good mix of the two. And butterflies.  

WARHOL: Why can’t it just be magic all the time?

HUDDY: Because we live on earth, not in heaven.  

WARHOL: How many hotels have you been kicked out of?

HUDDY: I’m gonna give a rough estimate because I’ve been in a lot of hotels, so maybe like five? Not too shabby.  

WARHOL: What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever sent you?

HUDDY: I had a fan send me her bra. I’ve gotten a few bras, actually. That was interesting. 

WARHOL: What are you reading right now?

HUDDY: Spider-man comics. I read them every morning on the toilet.  

WARHOL: Do you have a dream role?

HUDDY: Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby.

WARHOL: What kind of roles are you after now?

HUDDY: Honestly, anything remotely psychotic.  

WARHOL: What do you do in your spare time?

HUDDY: Swim, play basketball, hang with my friends, write music, play pinball. And I eat snacks.