Junior Boys’ Winter List

Matt Didemus and Jeremy Greenspan. Photo by Joe Dilworth


It’s been more than two long years since Junior Boys released their standout 2006 album, So This Is Goodbye, which featured songs that were so confusingly good that they had  people throwing out all sorts of strange adjectives and detailed personal andecdotes to describe them. (Also referring to them  as “complicated robots,” which was sort of awesome.) Their latest, Begone Dull Care, doesn’t come out until April 7, but the duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus is temporarily sating our appetites for some good old-fashioned Canadian synthpop with their new single, “Hazel,” out today on Domino.  The good news is that the song is 6:15 of endlessly loopable, characteristically nostalgic, dreamy electropop. (It also incorporates some of those trademark gorgeous “Oooohs” that I am such a sucker for.) The bad news, however, is that “Hazel”  is still only one song, and we’re only three days into February.  So despite a leaked track here and premature think piece there, we’ve still some time to kill before the full album drops. To keep us distracted from the next few months of bad weather, the boys of the Junior Boys have been kind enough to send us the top ten songs that have been getting them through the (far longer and colder) winters of Canada and Berlin. Get ready to enter hibernation mode. 

Max Tundra—”Which Song”
Theo Parrish—”Goin Downstairs”
Jean Claude Risset—”Mutations”
Yellow Magic Orchestra—”Seoul Music”
Nils :Lofgren—”Goin Back”
Animal Collective—”My Girls”
Benge—”1974 Oberheim SEM”
Peter Dundov—Oasis (Music Man)
Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald—”Recomposed 3″
Cluster & Eno—”Cluster & Eno”


Stream Junior Boys’ new single, “Hazel”: