Jefferson Hack Picks the Hits for Colette


Media tycoon Jefferson Hack is a music fiend—he’s introduced tiny East London bands onto Dazed and Confused‘s music pages and frequently DJs on both sides of the Channel. So it’s actually not much of a surprise that he is now releasing a record. Today, the Hack is launching his own compilation at Colette. Titled SX 70 in reference to his beloved Polaroid camera, the songs are just as downtown-chic as the photos the latter produces. The CD is available exclusively at the boutique in a 2000-copy run, and is complete with artwork by M/M.

“This is old music that sounds new, and new music that sounds familiar somehow,” Hack says about the choice of songs, which range from “Why’d Ya Do It” by Marianne Faithfull to “Waves—Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake” by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan. The music, he says, should be “exciting, spiritual, sexual,” but also “a little dangerous, just a little.”

Can a media creature hold his weight in the music industry?  Hack has certainly worked hard on this, and, as he explains, this CD has meant “lots and lots of time listening.” Don’t think too much! “Clap your hands and stomp your feet,” Hack says. “It’s just a good listen.”