Al Pacino Nominates Jack Huston



“I worked with Jack on an indie film I’ve been directing,” says Al Pacino of 25-year-old actor Jack Huston, who stars in Salomaybe?, Pacino’s unconventional adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s notorious play Salome. “He allowed himself the freedom to take chances. The environment was full of improvisation, chaos . . . Jack didn’t seem to care. He looked like he was enjoying the challenge. It’s actors like this you want to keep an eye on.” It would be easy to write off Huston’s early success as a result of his Hollywood pedigree (his grandfather was the great director John Huston; his aunt is actress Anjelica). But the handsome lad, who grew up in London, has been honing his craft onstage since age 7. “I wasn’t really conscious of the whole Huston legacy when I started,” he explains. “They were just my family, and they still are.” Huston moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and has made quick work of the town: His first high-profile role was playing Gerard Malanga in the 2006 film Factory Girl. He followed that with appearances in the Viking adventure Outlander and the high-art comedy Boogie Woogie. He is currently filming Shrink, in which he plays a massive star who can’t handle the pressures of fame. In real life Huston manages his own career by looking for tips from his mentor, Pacino. “He feeds on the work; he’s so inspiring to be around,” Huston says. “A chance to work with Al is one in a million.”