Game Is a Man After Our Own Hearts



Game must be an Interview reader! In the biggest rap collaboration since, well, ten days ago, the rapper recruited September feature subject Tyler the Creator and April cover star Lil’ Wayne for his latest track, “Martians vs. Goblins.” We wonder how that studio session went—we can only speculate from the song’s lyrics that their inspiration board included images of ‘Ye-Z eating dinner at Nello’s, LeBron James holding a panda, and screenshots from Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” video.

Oddly enough, Tyler the Creator—you know, the 20-year-old member of Odd Future who was quoted in our story saying he once punched a girl in the eye—has, lyrically, the tamest verse on the track. (He does seem to have held some influence over the production, though: the track’s a lot slower and more chooped-and-screwed-seeming than Game’s usual fare, with a beat more in line with Odd Future’s offerings.) But it’s Game who got the most incendiary lyrics—often followed up by, we’ll admit, slightly radio-shock-jock-level sound effects—and hearing a 31-year-old, 6’4″-tall Game rap about throwing Rihanna in front of a train is cringe-worthy.


Lil’ Wayne does not have an actual verse on the track—however, he does provide a short chorus informing us that he is indeed, a Martian, which we believe further confirms suspicions this is officially the summer of alien invasions. To Wayne’s credit, this isn’t just another guest-spot—he does sound awfully excited to be included!