Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Dreams,’ WhoMadeWho

Danish electronic pop group WhoMadeWho is no stranger to left-field antics—they once pranced onstage at a festival in skeleton costumes and proclaimed themselves to be an entirely different band. Over the years, though, the group has let their eccentricities take a backseat in favor of more deliberate approach to songwriting and song creation. With the release of their fifth album, Dreams, the Copenhagen-based trio, comprised of Tomas Høffding, Jeppe Kjellberg, and Tomas Barfod, aimed for a warmer, more guitar-centric sound that would emphasize catchy melodies and memorable lyrics, while still retaining its indie-dance roots.

We are excited to premiere, above, the video for “Dreams,” the title track from WhoMadeWho’s recently released LP. The video reflects the group’s reorientation towards a more luxuriating sound, with sweeping slowness throughout its indoor, aquatic setting. As Høffding and Kjellberg’s vocals ring out, a woman lip-syncs to the camera while people linger in the water below her. Deliberate camera movements gradually pan underwater and highlight the slow-motion ripples and splashes of the swimmers. Much like the song itself, the pacing of the filming is relaxed, but it’s never dull; the throbbing drums and electric guitar imbue the video with an overall sense of restrained energy. Director Lasse Martinussen describes his vision for the video in terms of imagination and reverie: “The song made me think about an exotic and powerful woman in a bikini perfectly singing along to the track, while a horrific dream was taking place.”

The band embraced Martinussen’s unconventional vision for the project. “This is where pictures take music to the next level,” Høffding says. “‘Dreams’ was a grand, bright, and positive track. Then Lasse comes with his fucked-up mind, and all of a sudden the song gets kind of psycho and scary. In a great way!”