Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Seven,’ Vanbot

“I was let down by someone I really trusted,” Swedish electro-pop artist Vanbot says as she recalls the inspiration behind her latest song, “Seven.” “I’m very curious by nature, but this time, curiosity gave me answers I wish I never knew.”

“Seven,” which is streaming exclusively below, is the second release from Vanbot’s upcoming album Perfect Storm (out May 15), and features catchy, emotional lyrics that echo its haunting melodies. The song evokes the emotional depth of Sia‘s “Chandelier,” the cult-catchiness of Lykke Li‘s “I Follow You,” and addicting melody of Ellie Goulding‘s”Love Me Like You Do.”

“Don’t run away / don’t make a scene / if there’s someone else / just don’t tell me,” Vanbot, whose given name is Ester Ideskog, sings between thudding beats and warped synths that are combined into elegant melodies. “My debut album was very simple in its process,” Vanbot says, referring to her self-titled 2011 release. “I released it with no budget, no promo, no nothing, and I was overwhelmed by the response.” Now, following nothing more than a few standalone singles since her debut, Vanbot highly anticipates her sophomore release. “I had an almost finalized album in 2013,” she explains. “I wasn’t happy with the result, so I trashed the album, and started all over again.”