Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Never Slow Down,’ Livingmore

Emerging from sunny Los Angeles—home to a plethora of indie-rock bands—is songwriting duo Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore, who create music under the moniker Livingmore. In anticipation of their forthcoming debut album Ok To Land, which arrives later this year, today we premiere its second single, “Never Slow Down,” below.

The song is indicative of band’s upbeat, folk-rock sound and an optimistic, youthful energy. Livingston and Moore’s combined honeyed vocals flow over a fresh spin on classic blues chords and a country-like, percussive shuffle. The sound exudes an effortless symbiosis, which stems from the band members’ close relationship and interactive songwriting process. “Whether it’s lyrics or melody, we both tend to end up finishing each other’s songs and combine our personalities,” says Moore. “Never Slow Down” came about in just this way; on a plane ride back from a wedding, Moore wrote lyrics on a napkin and mused about slowing down, only to come home and find out that Livingston had written a song “amazingly opposite” to her own, about the anxiety and excitement in wanting to keep moving. She recalls Livingston showing her the lyrics, “What can I say / What can I do,” to which she immediately responded, “Keep up the pace / Catch up with you.”

A back-and-forth exchange of ideas and styles defines Livingmore’s sonic aesthetic. As Moore explains, their sound “continues to evolve,” and “Never Slow Down” is a reflection of their current interests: harmonies and a “nostalgic mix of Americana and mod-rock.” Although Okay to Land does not yet have a release date, Livingston and Moore already have future music on their minds. They cite the Everly Brothers as one inspiration, and are tapping into heavier rock and roll sounds to keep up the energy sparked by “Never Slow Down.” As Livingston says, “I can’t really slow down and I’m always thinking about what’s next.”