Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Who’s Gonna Love Me?’, Soso





Swedes have two things to be pleased about this week: one, they don’t use the Euro; and two, hometown heroine Soso’s vibrant new electro-pop gem “Who’s Gonna Love Me?”. The Scandinavian ingénue, who boasts a stunning combination of Kim Kardashian’s looks and The Sounds frontwoman Maja Ivarsson’s swag, wrote and self-produced every track on her debut That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China, set for release next year. Soso’s DIY nature wavers in “Who’s Gonna Love Me” as she asks “How are you going to own me, when I don’t even own myself?”
The song spans genre, temporality, and continents: Soso infuses traditional Chinese instruments into the electronic production, and the result is pleasing to even the most ethnocentric ears. Asian-influenced strings open the number, gradually giving way to snappier synth sounds. An ’80s-style riff thickens the romantically demanding chorus, in which Soso shifts from an Adele-brand of defeatism to Beyoncé’s confidence in just a few chords.
Today we provide the exclusive track. As for dislodging the punishingly catchy tune from your frontal lobe, you’re on your own.