Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Surfin,’ The Aikiu (Brother BC Remix)

Parisian band The Aikiu toes the divide between danceable electro and ocean-inspired alternative pop. Frontman Alex Aikiu’s filmophilia is evident in their EP’s cinematic drama and building intensity, and his hauntingly high, almost ’80s reminiscent voice is the key that ties it together.
Aikiu’s recent film fashion collaborations with graphic designer/ad film director Jean Paul Goulde and retail/design guru Humberto Leon (Kenzo, Opening Ceremony) influenced the direction of his songs. As he tells us, “Working with Jean Paul Goude with his affection for animals, and working with Humberto on their last music show based on fish and the ocean made us write this song ‘Somehow/Surfin’.'”
The remix by Brother BC of “Somehow Surfin’,” which we are pleased to premiere below, puts a darker, more intense spin on the Hawaii-harkening band. Aikiu’s ethereal voice comes in and out in waves (no doubt intentional), overlaid with synth effects by Brother BC. The remix’s addition of a more persistent electronic snare drum also undercuts the tempo and gives it a more indoor vibe than the beach ready original.

Aikiu, who grew up in Africa, describes always wanting “to write a song about a relationship with an animal,” and that’s clearly the starting point for this track. Dolphin noises are sampled as accents to the song’s existing vocals, and the track ironically finishes with monotone vocals calling out, “Surfing, surfing. With my dolphin.” Alex explains, “There had to [be] irony too. I don’t take myself too seriously. It is a surfing/love relationship with a dolphin, in Colombia. Who never dreamt of that?”