De La Soul + Soles.

Photo courtesy of Nike+


One’s choice of gym soundtrack tells you a lot about them. Are you a gym bunny, looking for a fast, hard, throbbing beat? Are you a wise yogi, who requires prescise, streamlined Minimalist beats? Are you Madonna, who requires the wrapping of Caballah beads to flex on? For Are You In?, the album they’re releasing with Nike+ Original Run, De La Soul’s first release of original material since 2006, the trio has some catching up to do. The album commemorates 20 years since the release of the group’s hit debut, 3 Feet High and Rising, but more importantly it’s about getting your run on,” describes David Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy. De La Soul already has a Dunk on their résumé, but fitness is a whole other ball game-particulary, because asked if anyone in the group runs, Vincent Mason, aka Maseo, says, “Hell no!”

But after two decades in the music industry, De La could relate to some of runner’s dedication: “Maybe we all aspire to run a marathon,” suggests Trugoy. He even waled across the Brooklyn Bridge in preparation. The band researched by listening to aerobic music, but quickly realized that an exercise soundtrack was probably not what Nike wanted from them. Nonetheless, the group could relate to exercise-inspiring music, like giving music moods and dealing with different tempos. The result is a seamless album of distinct tracks—none of those silences in between tracks that ruin your concentration—and enough bragging and boasting to get you over the hump.


Are You In? is currently available on iTunes.