Broods, Thicker than Water


Although they have both been heavily involved in New Zealand’s music scene since childhood, it was only last year that Caleb Nott, 21, and sister and Georgia, 19, decided to form the synth-pop duo now known as Broods

The handsome pair’s debut single, “Bridges,” gained immediate attention from music blogs, racking up nearly a half-million Soundcloud plays in a few months and garnering the siblings major-label representation in the US and the UK. Their first EP—available for digital download on February 2—features production and co-writes from Joel Little, the man responsible for fellow Kiwi Lorde’s debut album, including Grammy-winning mega-smash “Royals.” Broods’ tracks have drawn comparisons with the dreamy electro pop sounds of Ellie Goulding, Foxes, and Chvrches. And with shows in Hollywood, Brooklyn, and Manhattan coming up in the next couple of months, as well as a tentative debut album release scheduled for August, 2014 is set to be Broods’ year.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: How did you come up with your band name?

GEORGIA NOTT: We were mulling over different names for a while, being really fussy, until our manager came up with Broods and it just grew on us.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: How have you felt about your sudden success?

GEORGIA NOTT: It’s been so overwhelming! We basically woke up the morning after releasing “Bridges” and people had begun to care about who we were and what we were doing. It was pretty hard to concentrate on anything for the first couple of weeks.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: For people who haven’t heard you, how would you describe your sound?

CALEB NOTT: It’s definitely more of a downbeat version of pop. It’s haunting and dreamy but still with a driving beat.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: Did you draw inspirations from any of your musical idols while writing? 

GEORGIA NOTT: We listen to heaps of music to keep us inspired. People like Bat for Lashes and Lykke Li are my absolute favorites. Caleb loves his alternative stuff, like Atoms for Peace and Oh Land.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: How do you separate being Broods and being brother and sister?

GEORGIA NOTT: We don’t really! We automatically go into professional mode when we’re at practice or in the studio.

CALEB NOTT: We have it pretty easy, though, because we’re extremely understanding and appreciative of one another and we play to our strengths.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: Did you grow up a part of a musical family?

GEORGIA NOTT: Hugely musical! Our parents used to take us along to their own gigs when we were kids, so performing is almost like an instinct. We’ve never known a world that hasn’t completely revolved around music and creativity. 

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: Are you worried about the infamous fallouts that seem to go on in family bands?

GEORGIA NOTT: Caleb and I are more protective of one another than competitive. It’s always been like that and I can’t imagine us ever not trusting each other fully.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: Lorde’s been a big supporter of yours. Has she been an inspiration for Kiwi talent?

GEORGIA NOTT: Not only her talent, but her whole attitude towards her career is really refreshing and inspiring. She is who she is. I know for us it’s really important to be who we’ve always been and seeing her be so down-to-earth about her experiences is pure loveliness.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: What is the Kiwi music scene like?

CALEB NOTT: It is forever growing and evolving. There are so many brilliant acts out there and hopefully we’ll all start putting ourselves out there for the world to hear.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: Can you tell us a bit about your EP?

GEORGIA NOTT: The EP basically follows what we’ve been up to in the past year. We’ve had incredible things happening, and we’ve had obstacles, so it has its peaks and its valleys. There are six tracks, so it’s a very thorough introduction to who we are.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: What was the highlight of making it?

CALEB NOTT: The studio is our home, so writing and recording was awesome.

GEORGIA NOTT: I think for me the highlight was when I heard the finished product of “Never Gonna Change” and I was completely overwhelmed with how it made me feel. I got so excited, because it was exactly what I’d imagined it to be.

HOLLY RUBENSTEIN: What can we expect from your debut album? Is it in the works?

GEORGIA NOTT: At the moment the album consists of demos and ideas recorded on laptops and phones, but we’re already super excited to get in the studio again. We’re always writing and always trying new things, so it’ll be a bit different to the EP.

CALEB NOTT: It’ll still be us, though!