Beyoncé Has the Power (Again)

Those of us who spent the last six months watching “The Beyoncé Experience”  can finally retire that YouTube video. Bey’s newly leaked single, tentatively titled “Girls (Who Run the World)” picks up with the girl-power motif that seems to resonate most strongly with her core audience, and proudly touts a somewhat cheesy—but potentially highly addictive—”Who’ll run the world? Girls!” chorus. If the beat sounds familiar, it’s because it’s sampled from Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor,” a song that anyone that has gone to a bar with a DJ in the last two years has probably heard.

Inarguably, a large part of what makes Beyoncé’s music so great is her performance—and if a recent tweet from Diplo is any indication, the video for this single has already been shot. And if this video is on a scale anywhere near that of the 2008 hit “Single Ladies,” be prepared to see it every day for the next six months.