@BennyDrama Was Giving Creamy Desert Daddy at Coachella

Benny Drama

All photos courtesy of @Bennydrama.

After a three-year hiatus, the Coachella Music Festival made its return to Palm Springs this weekend. In the sea of Euphoria extras and space cowboys in ass-less chaps was one Benito Skinner—known to his 1.4 million followers as @Bennydrama—the Instagram comedian known for his spicy, spot-on celebrity impersonations. After a few days of seratonin-fueled antics, we caught up with Skinner, our girl on the ground, at H&M’s Hotel Hennes for a chat about sunburnt girlies, The Amex Experience, and his festival essentials.


INTERVIEW: Where are you?

SKINNER: I’m at the Hotel Hennes—in Desert Springs? Is that where I am? Does anyone know? Oh, Indian Wells. It’s so nice here that I didn’t want to leave to see any music. I’m just here to get my full nine hours.

INTERVIEW: What was your festival look?

SKINNER: I gave Creamy Desert Daddy. I have egg yolks on my nails. People either think they’re cute or disgusting. My dolls at Gloss Nails in Silverlake did the art, but they were very confused when I asked

INTERVIEW: Who did you see at the festival?

SKINNER: Carly Rae Jepson, City Girls, Maggie Rogers, and a bit of Omar Apollo—we love. It’s been a long time since I was in a crowd that size, so I’m taking a deep breath now. But I got to meet some dolls who watch my videos. It was really fun! I wandered the serene VIP rose garden and met some fans.


INTERVIEW: When was the last time you danced?

SKINNER: Truly danced? I saw Charli XCX at the Greek. I did some pretty filthy choreo at that. My biggest moment was Meg thee Stallion this weekend though.

INTERVIEW: What was in your system this weekend?

SKINNER: There is a nasty Starbucks drink ripping through my system at any given moment of any given day. Also sparkling water, tequila, and sliders.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your pockets?

SKINNER: You mean my cute little purse? My hotel key, and [Laughs] a Laniege lip mask. If you don’t have your lip mask in the desert sweetie, think again.

INTERVIEW: Who did you have your eye on?

SKINNER: I came with my boyfriend, and he’s a total dreamboat, so I’ve got my eye on him. He’s a king.

INTERVIEW: Who’s got their eye on you?

SKINNER: Oh, my, god. Where to begin? I did make a scene in the pool on Saturday, so I would guess that I’m being watched by the hotel security, staff, et cetera.

INTERVIEW: What was the Coachella 2022 girl giving?

SKINNER: Definitely Maddie from Euphoria. So many rhinestone-covered pants, lots of eyeshadow—I would have liked to see it blended a little bit better, but I love my girls for trying. Go off. Also a lot of Kacey Musgraves lookalikes as well, a lot of chaps. This festival is an excuse for straight people to give, and I celebrate that.

INTERVIEW: Coachella has too many…

SKINNER: I don’t want to say “people,” because that makes me sound like a boomer. Coachella has too many bracelets. What is all of this? My boyfriend is like, “Take that shit off.” They fucked up my look. I remember people coming back from Coachella in college with all the bracelets. I pretended to judge it, but secretly I was like, “You guys are iconic.”

INTERVIEW: Coachella doesn’t have enough…

SKINNER: I feel like they could have a few more activations, like a few more Amex Experiences would be great. [Laughs] That was a joke. I need a little bit more sunscreen out there next time. I’m seeing my babies getting burnt. Let’s protect that skin in 2023, boos.