Gaspar Noé and Kenneth Anger, In the Void Together

Interview contributor Kristina Benns brought together two of the film community’s most controversial and influential artists, Gaspar Noé and Kenneth Anger.

Noé, the man responsible for one of the most divisive films of this millennium (Irreversible, 2002), and last year’s psychedelic Enter the Void, has long called himself a fan of Kenneth Anger, the 83-year-old director, actor, and author—a legend in the experimental film world, who has directed such films as Invocation of My Demon Brother, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, and Lucifer Rising. On very short notice, Anger agreed to be interviewed by Noé by phone while the former was in Boston and the latter in Paris.

They discussed the difference between directing and dreaming, what Spielberg got wrong about flying saucers, “very good LSD,” and the artificial notice of his own death that Anger once put in The Village Voice. Read the full interview here.