Springs Eternal

Quoi de neuf? This is the omnipresent question in director David Dusa’s feature debut Fleurs du Mal, the story of “@Miss_Dalloway,” a Tehrani student living in exile in Paris, and “Gecko,” a young Parisian, who meet cute via Facebook chat. They soon find their green romance impeded by 140-character news blasts and YouTube documentation of brutal reprisals to post-election demonstrations half a world away during Iran’s “Twitter Revolution” in 2009. The genre-defying film will screen this month during the 10th annual Tribeca Film Festival. For those who haven’t managed to nab tickets, the directors of New York’s premier cinematic showcase are “taking Tribeca outside of TriBeCa,” or, in other words, connecting the festival to the Web in an attempt to bring new films to a broader audience. Among the cyberfest events are a curated selection of more than 15 features and shorts including Fleurs du Mal. Look at it as your almost-all-access pass. More info at tribecafilm.com/festival