Shark Night 3D: Chris Zylka


Name: Chris Zylka
Hometown: Warren, Ohio
What’s your greatest fear? My greatest fear is failure.
If you could sic a shark on anyone in the world, who would it be? I’m an artist, I love everyone.
Do you have any special shark-fighting methods? Hit them in the gills! Or have a pet dolphin; dolphins have been known to protect humans from shark attacks.
What about tips for innocent vacationers who want to avoid getting devoured? Always make sure you have cell phone coverage and that the phone is charged (common mistake not to).
If the Jaws shark had to go up against a shark in Shark Night 3D, who do you think would win? Hands down the Shark Night shark. He has one thing Jaws didn’t have—CGI!
What’s your favorite scary movie? My favorite scary movie was always Halloween. I love that there’s hidden emotion underneath Michael Myers’ psychotic behavior. Plus, he has the best mask, hands-down. (Who would want to look like Shatner?!)
What else do you have coming up? I have a few films coming out soon: Piranha 3DD and The Amazing Spider-Man. Super excited about both of them!