Shark Night 3D: Alyssa Diaz


Name: Alyssa Diaz
Los Angeles
What’s your greatest fear? Snakes and sharks!
If you could sic a shark on anyone in the world, who would it be? I don’t have any enemies. No shark sic for me!
Do you have any special shark-fighting methods? A bloody Mary and some kung-fu action should do the trick.
What about tips for innocent vacationers who want to avoid getting devoured? Stay out of the water!
If the Jaws shark had to go up against a shark in Shark Night 3D, who do you think would win? Shark Night 3D. Our sharks are more brutal and vicious!
What’s your favorite scary movie? Jaws! As a kid, I would happen to catch it playing on television right around the time I was planning a trip to the beach.
What else do you have coming up? I currently play Jasmine on The Nine Lives of Chloe King for ABC Family.