The Shark Night 3D Questionnaire

The upcoming Shark Night 3D, out in theaters Friday, is a true ensemble picture; in the tradition of the best horror films since time immemorial, it features an entire cast of nubile young things—in this case, Tulane students hanging out at a Lake Ponchartrain vacation house for the weekend—who are totally unprepared for the danger they face. But besides being easy on the eyes, the cast happens to be funny and game for anything; so we threw some questions their way, ranging from their favorite scary movies to their own shark-fighting techniques. After all, they’re experts now. To read the full questionnaire from each actor, click his or her name.

“Don’t swim with fresh ham hocks stuffed in your boardies… it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised what some guys do to look good. SPAM is okay.”—CHRIS CARMACK

What’s your greatest fear? “Fear itself. And origami. I can’t figure that shit out.” —JOEL DAVID MOORE

•”I have this recurring nightmare where I’m giving a speech in front of my old high school classmates, and they start laughing at me, and I look down and realize I’m naked. And a shark.”—DUSTIN MILLIGAN

• “I am a giant pansy and freak out if seaweed touches my leg in the ocean. But word on the streets is that ‘hitting a shark on the nose’ will keep you from getting your jugular ripped out. Yeah, right.” —SARA PAXTON

“Our shark would beat the Jaws shark, because our sharks are new and Jaws is old and broken down—probably doesn’t work very well anymore.” —KATHARINE MCPHEE

Do you have any special shark-fighting methods? “A bloody Mary and some kung-fu action should do the trick.”—ALYSSA DIAZ

“My favorite scary movie was always Halloween. I love that there’s hidden emotion underneath Michael Myers’ psychotic behavior. Plus, he has the best mask, hands-down. (Who would want to look like Shatner?!)”—CHRIS ZYLKA

If you could sic a shark on anyone in the world, who would it be? “My old college basketball coach.” —SINQUA WALLS