Nollywood Dreams


After Hollywood and Bollywood there’s… Nollywood? Nigeria’s movie industry is, no kidding, the third largest in the world. Funded by electronics merchants and sold on DVD in rag-tag markets in Lagos among other covetable locations, the country’s 2,500 annual productions are generally made for less than $10,000 apiece.

Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal’s new documentary, Nollywood Babylon, takes a look at the “pop-pop-pop” style of filmmaking that has been made Nollywood the fastest-growing film industry since it sprung up in the early 90’s.

Cheaper than Telenova and just as much an acquired taste, Nollywood probably won’t be taking the US by storm anytime soon. But Nollywood Babylon serves up a few bona fide curiosities, including the incredibly popular pint-size acting duo Aki and Pawpaw (Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Kenneth Iheme). Our first thought too: very YouTube-able. Check them out in this list of our favorite gonzo Nollywood trailers:

Baby Police
Aki and Pawpaw’s version of the cop buddy film.

Six Demons
A brief sampling of Nollywood special effects.




African Tallest Men
Aki and Pawpaw take on the fairer sex.




Tom & Jerry
“The Twins” are at it again.



Last Occult
An example of Nigeria’s popular “voodoo-horror” genre.


A general’s son falls for the sister of a thug named Hitler…and they take the fight to the streets of a cannibal village



Sharon Stone 2
We wonder what Ms. Stone would have to say about this one.


“A story that will touch your heart.”

Nollywood Babylon screens at MoMA starting July 3.