No Oscar Grouching Today


Interview’s Entertainment Editor Rebecca Sinn declares, “And the winners are…”

My favorite Oscar moment:
Penelope Cruz winning—she’s just so genuine! But what about Javier? I was waiting for that cameo… Well, here’s to hoping.
Biggest upset: Best foreign language film, Departures, from Japan
Best Dress: Freida Pinto, sans scar
Best Tux: Seth Rogen—velvet heals all wounds

I have to say, I found the 2008 Oscar show extremely enjoyable. Yet again Beyonce proved that she’s this decade’s top performer (with one year left). Hugh Jackman did a grand job as host: There was no real necessity for sitting on Frank Langella’s lap, but that’s the boy from Oz for ya! In fact I actually might see Wolverine now. But Jackman kept the show about the movies, unlike previous years where the audience was forced to put up with self-promotion laughs only came from a telecast flashing instructions. And no movie clips: That was fantastic. It made the whole thing so much shorter.

I just wish Robert Evans was there to present-everything in movies, is just so much better with the Evans touch. Sophia Loren, well, that was a surprise, there to honor best actress Kate Winslet. Is she a dame or something? She’s waiting!

And… Even though I can’t get “Jai Ho,” the winning song from Slumdog Millionaire, out of my head, I’ve already put it onto my iPod. All of those kids deserve a long vacation after a tough awards campaign. They even made an appearance at the Vanity Fair‘s after-party. I guess they got curfew extended this time around. As for Danny Boyle, well, I heard something about the next project being an adaptation of Solomon Grundy and I can’t wait for this to pan out.

While I’ll have to wait a year for yet another series of little gold men, I’ve got until then to find whatever theater Departures is playing in and see why it won!