Repeat Offender: Miles Fisher



It might be the most inspired 80s pairing since Wham! Either way, a cover of the Talking Heads Song “This Must Be the Place” laid over shot-by-shot re-enactments from American Psycho is a brilliant combo. And Miles Fisher, the actor behind it, has created a viral hit since launching the video earlier this week.

Fisher, who earned notice a year ago for his spot-on Tom Cruise impersonation, stars as a lip-synching Patrick Bateman. “I don’t get Christian Bale very often. But it was two of my favorite things,” Fisher says. That first comment’s a bit surprising, considering Fisher is a dead ringer for Bale’s Bateman in the clip-down to the thick eyebrows and squinchy smile. (To be fair: No one can be expected to live up to the abs.)

Fisher says the idea became a reality as soon as he got his friend Lydia Hearst (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Cara Seymour, the actress who played a prostitute in one of the original film’s most notorious scenes) to sign on. “She’s the one who really made it happen. She kind of legitimized it,” he says. He cast his friend Nick Hobbs as Jared Leto’s Paul Allen, and through him got photographer Charlotte Kidd on board as Hearst’s brunette counterpart. Along with director David Green and producer Jake Avnet, they threw together a crew of AFI students and shot the whole thing on the cheap over a weekend in LA.

Fisher, who graduated from the same Harvard class as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, says he did the video and distributed it for free (as is increasingly the trend these days) to “get on people’s radar.” It serves as a teaser of sorts the four-track EP Fisher is offering on
his website
. Given all the front-page hits the clip has gotten on and, that strategy would seem to be working. And Fisher is happy to see YouTube commenters tearing into his mash-up: “Even the ones that are kind of negative are at least
intrigued by it.”