Film Tribute: Leven Rambin on The Hunger Games

Ever since it was announced that breakout star Jennifer Lawrence would play the lead role, Katniss Everdeen, in Gary Ross’s much-hyped adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ bestselling series The Hunger Games, fans have breathlessly updated each other on every new casting decision.

In Collins’ dystopian future, teenage “tributes” chosen from each of twelve districts must fight to the death on a reality show broadcast nationwide. Glimmer, played by Leven Rambin, has been preparing for the battle all her life. Rambin has the unique privilege of playing a girl capable of intimidating Lawrence’s mostly fearless Katniss, and certainly has the range for such a complicated role: she’s starred on TV shows as diverse as All My Children, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, CSI: Miami, and Grey’s Anatomy. Rambin took a moment out of her busy schedule of meetings and training to give Interview a call to chat about the role, LA, how she’s getting into shape, and which of her fellow tributes she has a crush on.

ALEXANDRIA SYMONDS: You’re in LA, but you still have a New York area code.

LEVEN RAMBIN: Yeah, I still have my same New York area code.

SYMONDS: How long have you been out there?

RAMBIN: I’ve been out here for three years almost to the day.