Best Supporting Actress: Keira Knightley

Although Keira Knightley has been nominated for prestigious awards in the past—Golden Globes, BAFTAs, MTV Movie Awards—this is her first Oscar nomination. She is nominated for playing Alan Turing’s fellow codebreaker, close friend, and one-time fiancé Joan in The Imitation Game.

“The thing about great fictional characters from literature, and the reason that they’re constantly turned into characters in movies, is that they completely speak to what makes people human. They’re full of flaws as much as they are full of heroics. I think the reason that people love them and hate them so much is because, in some way, they always see a mirror of themselves in them, and you can always understand them on some level. Sometimes it’s a terrifyingly dark mirror that’s held up.” –Keira Knightley to David Cronenberg, Interview, April 2012

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