Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman play eccentric punk aliens in this new film


Elle Fanning is getting weird in a new trailer for the upcoming punk alien movie How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

Adapted from a 2006 short story by sci-fi superstar Neil Gaiman, the coming-of-age story is set against the backdrop of London’s rebellious 1970’s punk scene. Teen boy Enn (Alex Sharp) crashes a party filled with extraterrestrial women in spandex and ends up enraptured by Zan, played by Elle Fanning.

The two run off together, to the chagrin of the supernatural cult’s leader Queen Boadicea (Nicole Kidman with a mullet), and Zan falls in love with the human world as the aliens beckon her home. The film is directed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch’s John Cameron Mitchell, a freaky cult film whisperer, who seems to have created a cinematic experience reminiscent of Fifth Element [1997] but with teenagers.

The U.S. release for How to Talk to Girls at Parties is slated for May 18, 2018. Watch the trailer below.