Duncan James’ New Moon

David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, just launched his first film, Moon, a sci-fi thriller starring Sam Rockwell,  who plays an astronaut who spends three years on the moon trying to solve the Earth’s power problems. For his love of sci fi, the son of the original Space Oddity doesn’t fall far from the tree. “I’m a product of the environment that I was brought up in, and obviously my father was interested in science fiction,” says James. But James’ own preferences are less about shiny get-ups and deadpan monologues and more about the Big Bang, both of the mechanical and amorous varieties: “What I think is unique about sci-fi, is that you want you can do lasers and explosions, but you can simultaneously tell a very human story.” Fantasy can even surpass a contemporary setting, because, “You can show things about the human character that may get lost if it’s a contemporary story. Sci fi shows the contrast,  the uniqueness of human beings.”