Best Sound Editing: Drive

Ryan Gosling is not among the hopefuls for Best Actor, nor is Drive in the running for Best Picture. However, as Drive is up for one Oscar—Best Sound Editing—we thought we’d include this interview with director Nicolas Refn on our Oscar page. We apologise if the photo of Ryan Gosling is a little misleading. Here’s what Refn had to say about filmmaking when we spoke to him about Drive for our website:

“Filmmaking is like any kind of art form. You have to try to figure it out, and you’re going to do that by trying. It’s like teaching a child to walk. It may start by walking, but eventually it will fall. And I have kids, but I know that that will enable them to stand up again and understand why they fell, and how they can avoid that. They will walk better and faster, and stronger. Filmmaking is the same. I was able to start very young, and I was able to crash fairly young. But then I was able to stand up again knowing that I would only get better at what I was doing… the chief enemy of creativity is being safe. If you’re safe, you can’t fall and hurt yourself. The older you are, the further down the crash is going to be. But if it works out, the higher the high.”

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