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Assploitation Drops a Hot Wet American Mixtape of Sizzling Porno Soundtracks on Club Mel


Hot Spa! Fleshdance! Body Music! Pipeline! All sizzling, scintillating Adult Film classics from the golden age of Erotic Video Tape. And today on Club Mel, we’re dropping an electric mixtape of skin flick soundtracks by THE great connoisseur of porn, Assploitation. Oh, its so HOT! Doesn’t it just make you HOT!?  Perfect for the Wet Hot American Summer we are in the midst of.  As a bonus, we got Assploitation, aka our boy Jared Abbott, to review some of the hot scenes these tracks are from, and WOWW!! A Club Mel EXCLUSIVE!!!

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Hot Spa

 “This one is so fucking major. Karen Summer and Cara Lott are in it, and at one point, someone’s dog runs into the frame… That opening track steals Steve Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” riff, then adds its own motivational sports lyrics to the mix.

It’s about this woman in a loveless marriage who becomes obsessed with this sexy gym—which, by the way, is super crummy and not cute— they’re all in there fucking and she’s enticed by it all. The sexual energy is fire—everyone’s reeeeally hot and sweaty and into it. You know how Boogie Nights is all about how the industry switched from shooting on film to shooting on video, making the movies really ugly and artless? This is very that, which I, of course, find totally appealing. It goes on forever compared to most pornos— I think it’s close to two hours.”



 “This is one of the many Flashdance-inspired adult movies. It’s Shanna Evans and Rachel Ashley, set in a strip club, and John Leslie plays the owner. Needless to say, there’s plenty of onstage and aerobic studio sex.  The soundtrack bangs— there’s a great instrumental cover of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” from Flashdance in there too.  The song I put in the mix just screams PORNO MUSIC to me…that voice in the background whispering ‘HOT,’ that slow grind…”


Dance Fever


 “The music and the dancing in Dance Fever are great. It opens with this really awkward scene of Erica Boyer dancing with some blonde in a bedroom. They’re trying really hard to be sexy but it just…doesn’t work.

Later on, Ginger Lynn boogies alone in her apartment in this hot pink see-through top and then gets busy with a pink dildo. There are like five more dance scenes in the movie, and also a nice moment with a male sub and female dominatrix.


Double Dare


“I love Barbara Dare. The first porn tape I ever saw was Wet n’ Bare With Barbara Dare which is a compilation of scenes from her other films. That’s where I fell in love with French sex god Francois Papillon and his butterfly butt tattoo. Double Dare is a sexy espionage thriller with really bad special effects. As far as I know, it’s the first porno to have an actor play a dual role— anytime there are two Barbaras onscreen, the theme song really sizzles.”


Body Music


“There’s a lot to like in this one. Peter North, aka Matt Ramsey, tittiefucks this girl in a jacuzzi. Erica Boyer is in it but doesn’t dance. She typically wears big elaborate curly ’80s hair, but in this one, it’s straight and she’s looking like Lea Thompson. I’d stick around for her lesbian scene, which is pretty hot.”


Hollywood Starlets


“I love the scene where Francois Papillon, dressed in full leather fetish gear, gets totally dom’d by Karen Summer during a photoshoot. She’s being really bossy and stressful, taking pictures of him and telling him how to pose. He messes up whatever they were supposed to be ad-libbing but Karen keeps the scene going because she’s a total pro. The song in the background is this amazing sleazy banger that also shows up in Dance Fever.”


Sizing Up: Before Your Very Eyes


“This Matt Sterling film is best known for an explosive outdoor three-way with a jockstrapped Peter North, who bottoms like a champ. The song in the mix is from this scene, where Steve Cruise and Chuck Spencer go to a club and Steve dances onstage for everyone. This song wasn’t produced for the movie—it’s an instrumental of Norma Lewis’ “The Fight.” He’s shirtless and wearing leather pants and it goes off so hard… Chuck looks really cute in this yellow polo shirt and little mustache rooting for his boy onstage. Afterward, they go off and fuck in the park. I don’t think Chuck made any other movies, but I wish he had. He was really handsome.”




“Pipeline is a classic William Higgins surfer bro flick with some sexy outdoor scenes shot in Hawaii and California. Not my favorite film from the era, but Costello Presley’s theme song is incredibly catchy and totally good enough to play in the club!”


Batteries Included


Batteries Included isn’t particularly memorable— there’s a barely-there plotline about an agency that sells female sex robots or something. I just watched it for the heavily underrated Scott Irish, this hot redhead with a perfect porn stash, and instantly fell in love with the music playing during opening striptease by Stephany Rage.”