Casting Call: Van Gogh

In which we suggest who would star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

There is something instantly captivating about the life of the artist: the outsider, the genius, the person that frolics freely on the fringes of society and unfortunately, in many cases, the tortured soul that is no stranger to bouts of psychosis. The life of 19th-century Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh, is no exception. If you’ve ever found yourself walking around MoMA on a Saturday afternoon suddenly wondering about the man behind the vibrant and colorful swirls of the iconic Starry Night, you’re in luck. Netherland-based production company Kalliope Films is taking a step beyond the paintings and into Van Gogh’s life story in an upcoming biopic, aptly and succinctly titled Van Gogh

His battle with mental illness, obsessive letters, friendship with Gauguin and, of course, the subsequent myth of him cutting his ear off are just tiny pieces of Van Gogh’s life that we’ve all heard of at some point—but as producer Rutger Hauer said, “There is so much more to tell about ‘the man that cut off his ear.'” Perhaps this movie, set to start filming in 2014, will reveal something new.  In the meantime, let’s take a guess at who would star in such a production. 

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