Casting Call: Utopia

In which we suggest who would star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Fans of the David Fincher-Gillian Flynn partnership on the upcoming feature film adaptation of Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosemund Pike have even more to look forward to. Fincher (The Social Network, House of Cards, Fight Club etc.) is going to be directing a stateside version of the Channel 4 UK thriller series Utopia. Evidently the pairing worked well on Gone Girl, because Fincher’s enlisted The New York Times bestselling author to write the new series.

In it’s second season in the UK, Utopia follows strangers from an online comic book chat room who agree to meet after having obtained the original manuscript to the comic book The Utopia Experiments, about a scientist who sold his soul to the devil. Their meeting sets off a chain reaction of events driven by a violent and illusive group, known as The Network.” What follows is a real-life manifestation of their very own conspiracy thriller, and none of them is safe.     

The news marks David Fincher’s second foray into television, and considering the success of House of Cards and the series’ reception over the Atlantic, Utopia should generate quite a bit of buzz. HBO has green-lit a series order for the adaptation, and has all the imperative crew positions lined up. What’s not yet been decided is the cast, so we gave the job a whirl ourselves.

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