Casting Call: The Marriage Plot


In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Power producer Scott Rudin has just snapped up the rights to The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides‘ third novel (the one you’ve been seeing hip young things reading on the F train all autumn long). As big fans of The Virgin Suicides in both its book and film iterations (and of Eugenides’ Pulitzer Prize-winning, though yet to be adapted for the screen, Middlesex), we’re pretty excited.
The Marriage Plot is Eugenides’s attempt to bring a common Victorian storyline, the marriage of a young heroine, to the 20th century. The novel begins at Brown University circa 1982; familiar territory for Eugenides, who graduated from the university himself in 1983. Indeed, many have commented on the eerie similarities between Eugenides’ characters and his friends, such as David Foster Wallace. Torn between the enigmatic Leonard Bankhead and devoted Mitchell Grammaticus, Eugenides’ protagonist Madeline Hanna is struggling to sort out her post-college self and significant other.
We perused the pages of The Marriage Plot for clues as to whom Rudin and his as-yet-unnamed director might cast.