Casting Call: Prep

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

“Fish or cheese”: If you’ve read Curtis Sittenfeld’s 2005 novel, Prep—particularly at an impressionable age—this simple dichotomy, which gains a deeply unpleasant definition, is likely seared in your brain forever. Prep is the story of Lee Fiora, a book-smart, life-stupid girl from Indiana who receives a scholarship to the prestigious East Coast boarding school, Ault (read: Groton, Choate, St. Paul’s, Middlesex, Andover—the schools fondly referred to in The Preppy Guide to Life as “St. Grottlesex”).  Unfortunately for Lee, being clever is not enough to fit in Ault; without the clothes, confidence, a generous credit line, and a silly name (e.g. Cross Sugarman), Lee is nothing to the majority of her peers: to quote another teen-centered piece of fiction, She’s All That, “A waste of perfectly good yearbook space.” Lee flounders. There is a lot of angst, feelings of alienation, some unrequited crushes, and unfortunate secret hook-ups—lots of fodder for a film; and so, of course, a film is in the works. According to Indiewire, Noah Baumbach is attached to direct and has already written a script. Now that The Corrections is no longer happening, Prep may be one of Baumbach’s next projects. Here’s hoping.

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