Casting Call: Joy Mangano and the Miracle Mop

In which we suggest who would star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

David O. Russell has made a career of finding the extraordinary in ordinary, blue-collar characters. A small-time Massachusetts boxer who turns pro in The Fighter, a former teacher with mental issues in Silver Linings Playbook, a Jersey conman in American Hustle. Now he’s in talks to direct a biopic of Joy Mangano, the Long Island mom who invented the Miracle Mop and went on to become a millionaire entrepreneur.

writer Annie Mumolo wrote the script, though we’re sure Russell willadd his touch if he signs on. The film will most likely follow Mangano’s arc from struggling mom of three to businesswoman, and rumor has it that Russell wants Jennifer Lawrence for the role. Mangano got to where she is by convincing QVC to put her on the air to sell her products, and when they agreed, she did just that. 18,000 units sold in 20 minutes, actually. It’s no wonder Mumolo and Russell are interested in bringing that charisma to the big screen. 

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