Caroline Polachek

AGE: 23. HOMETOWN: Riverside, Connecticut. CURRENTLY LIVES IN: I actually don’t live anywhere. I live on the road. The last place I lived was in my boss’s apartment for the summer-an artist’s studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. OCCUPATION: Member of the band Chairlift. REASON FOR COMING TO NEW YORK CITY: It keeps you moving. In New York, if you spend a few hours doing nothing, you feel like the whole world passed you by. VACATION SPOT: My stepfather is a baron. He has a castle in Belgium that’s been in his family for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s not fancy; it’s really sort of brimstone and dark. It’s got a moat and a drawbridge. BIGGEST REGRET: I don’t have any regrets. DREAM DATE: Adrien Brody. THEME SONG: Um. Answer carefully . . . It would probably be “Wild Horses” performed by Prefab Sprout. It’s so cool and slick and cheesy as hell. There’s this kind of perverted sexiness about it that I love. -LUCY MADISON