A Series of Short Journeys

Founded in 1902, Cadillac has long been at the forefront of the American luxury car market. This week, however, Cadillac is entering unchartered territory with their new four-film series “A Series of Short Journeys.” Intended to appeal to the millennial market, and reposition Cadillac in a new, contemporary light, the shorts are more than just campaign films intended to promote Cadillac’s range of vehicles. Rather, directed by Sam De Jong, a promising young filmmaker whose work has previously screened at the Berlin and Sundance Film Festivals, and with a striking score provided by S-Type (Bobby Perman), each one is cinematic in its own right, seamlessly weaving in features of the car it showcases with diverse, relevant storylines.


The dramatic opening short “Ladybird,” for example, uses moody lighting provided by the 142 LED headlamps of three Cadillac Escalades. A man with a cut on his nose and blood on his cheek stands in a dark alley, examining his finger.  He begins to mutter to himself: “I’m not scared of you.” The volume picks up as he becomes more confident: “Just do it already… you can’t break me,” he repeats. Walking towards a mysterious adversary, he kneels down in triumphant submission and the camera pulls back. We are on a film set: the scene is just a scene, and the unconventional light source becomes apparent.

In “A Mirror to the Heart,” the action takes place largely through the rear camera mirror of an XT5 while a man waits for his girlfriend. In “A Sense of Self,” a young man attempts to find himself before a date in a CTS-V as he experiments with different driver selectable modes. Finally, “Grace” showcases the CT6’s Bose Panaray Sound System, with a busy businesswoman escaping from her work life.

Tomorrow, Cadillac will release S-Type’s full score for the series. Check back in for an interview with S-Type later this week.