Whoopi Goldberg reviews Chromat FW18

Whoopi Goldberg has never been one to chase trends, and in character has worn everything from a nun’s habit to doctor’s scrubs, but in recent years Goldberg has been recharging the battery of fashion by becoming an unexpected style icon.

Dressing down in brands like Vetements and being spotted amongst the throngs of fashion’s elite on the front rows of shows for Adam Selman, Marc Jacobs and Cushnie et Ochs, she’s ideally situated to offer an authoritative opinion on the looks on parade throughout NYFW. And with her acerbic wit, we couldn’t resist asking her thoughts.

Throughout NYFW, Goldberg will be reviewing a handful of select FW18 shows. Here, she feels nothing but good vibes about Chromat’s FW18 collection—an architectural swim and athletic wear brand known for inclusivity, bold colors, and making their own rules—at Industria Studios.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: This was the most brilliant show for me because it really represented every body type, every style—the variations on color, the variations on differences of the body. This says to everyone, “I have a place for you. I have a bathing suit for you. And you can look amazing coming down any beach front.” It was thrilling.

I would wear the outfit with the pouch for Hot Cheetos everywhere. I would wear it to The View, under my clothes, so while the women were talking to me I’d be eating Hot Cheetos. They would not know where they came from, but you would know and I would know. I mean, just wonderful.

I couldn’t pick a favorite look from the show. I loved all of the looks because I pictured every family member [wearing one of these garments], all of the women in my family, who are different sizes, different shapes. I was just so happy.

I would not change one thing about this show because it’s not like you can’t find something that will work for you. You can be a pencil or you can be the biggest woman on the planet. These women look amazing in everything. It’s a reminder that no one should be dictating to us what we look like. When you see a show like this—[which is mostly] bathing suits, the thing people are the nastiest about—there’s not a bad thing you can say.

I would wear this collection all over Greece. All over Greece. I saw my body several times and I thought, “Hey, I might be able to wear swimsuits like these.” You never think of swimwear as inviting. And this is really inviting to people.

If every show at fashion week was like this, then it’d be boring, because then everybody would look the same. I love what Chromat does, because there’s nothing else like it. In any of the times that I’ve come to fashion week, I’ve never seen anything like this. I kept hitting Tom [sitting next to me] going like, “Oh my God, look, look!” It was just thrilling.