Ruby Aldridge Says Her Best Nights Happen When She Forgets Her Phone

All Clothing and Accessories: Michael Kors Collection.

Since storming the fashion world at 14, Ruby Aldridge has flexed an ambition that goes far beyond the catwalk. In adddition to her work as a model, the 28-year-old native Angeleno has brought her creative intensity to New York’s underground music scene, forming the art-noise act Texture with Bozidar Brazda and Shawn Kuruneru. The group, known for live shows that border on performance art, has since adopted a new moniker which itself is a simple but powerful statement, establishing Aldridge as the young icon she is: RUBY™.


INTERVIEW: When you think of Studio 54, what are the first things that come to mind?

ALDRIDGE: Dancing, glam, and disco.

INTERVIEW: If you were able to go back in time and have one night at Studio 54, who would be in your banquette?

ALDRIDGE: David Bowie, Cher, and Richie Shazam.

INTERVIEW: What is it about that time that has made such a mark on the cultural imagination?

ALDRIDGE: I believe it must have been this feeling of freedom, community, and constant craziness—the lack of time, the music, the style, the stories—it probably permeated everyone and left a residual effect on our imagination and creativity for years to come.

INTERVIEW: What, if anything, inspires you about nightlife today?

ALDRIDGE: I just enjoy the vibe of being around people. Old friends, new friends, strangers. It’s not so much what were doing. I’ve had the best nights of my life walking around doing nothing.

INTERVIEW: Describe your ideal night out.

ALDRIDGE: This is kind of impossible because my expectations and ideas of what I like and love are always changing. Recently I’ve been saying “this is the best night ever” a lot, somewhat ironically, but I’m also being serious. Perhaps staying grateful for the experience has something to do with it. Who knows. I can sway either way—go out or stay in a watch a movie. They are both equally fulfilling.

INTERVIEW: Describe your most memorable New York nightlife experience.

ALDRIDGE: I make music and have been singing and playing in bands for a few years. Any time my friends turn up to support it—if they dance and have a good time, especially the people I don’t know or have yet to meet who show up and have fun—that is the best.

INTERVIEW: What are the elements that make up a perfect dance party?

ALDRIDGE: It’s a spontaneous energy that even just one person can bring. It then transfers and multiplies and before you know it everyone is losing it. 

INTERVIEW: What impact has technology had on the nightlife experience?

ALDRIDGE: This is a tricky one for me. I do feel sometimes it takes away a lot of the spontaneity and element of being totally lost in the moment, with feeling this need to capture and share what’s happening. I am a part of it, though, and do share a lot of my life on my phone. I think my favorite nights are when we all forget about our phones, if even for just a moment. 

INTERVIEW: Which era of New York nightlife inspires you the most?

ALDRIDGE: Right now, baby. That’s all we got.

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