voice notes

“Courrèges: Ribbed for Your Pleasure”




SENT: 9:12 PM


“Okay, we’re here, we’re talking Courrèges Spring 2022. Now listen, Nicolas Di Felice brought us to a field outside of Paris where I’ve heard that there’s a lot of horseback riding, and also allegedly a nudist colony for the gays… those two things are not the same. It was a little chilly, a little cold, and we walked through these enchanted woods to a field painted white and full of little stools. The show started off with this really loud banging noise, which scared the shit out of all the fashion people on their stools. Everybody except me, because I am a New Yorker darling, and there is no sound that scares me at this point. I don’t jump, I don’t flinch.

I know everyone’s doing the ‘60s now, but Courrèges is doing it RIGHT. Lots of mod cuts, very Mary Quant but French. I’m talking a little silver space age moment, a very glossy little patent leather moment, and there were vinyl baseball caps— who doesn’t love a vinyl baseball cap? There were some halter styles that were backless except for a little shoulder flap. Listen, give me spine, but don’t give me shoulders. OH and there was a full ribbed experience. Courrèges: ribbed for your pleasure. Your jackets and your pants and your boots: ribbed for your pleasure. THE COAT of the collection was a black vinyl trench, so sexy, that Vittoria Ceretti wore with that blonde hair of hers. I was sold. I was in it. It is simply THE COAT that I need and that I want. I must pre-order. Also that fun little Courrèges logo is everywhere which we of course love to see.

At the end, Nicolas came out of his little hole in the woods. He said, “Hi,” and kind of waved. Then we all trudged back through the forest outside of Paris to get home. So, that’s that on Courrèges. Again, somebody send me the line sheet, please and thank you.”