Voice notes

“The Bottega Nail Team Took My French Tips Off”

dara allen

Who: Dara Allen

Where: Bottega Veneta Salon 03, Detroit

When: Thursday, October 21 at 9 P.M.

Sent: 2:21 A.M.

“Voice notes, Interview mag, Bottega Veneta Detroit. Dara, xoxo. It all started at the Interview VMAs after party at 1OAK. I met Daniel Lee there with Mel. A couple weeks later, I had a casting for Bottega, and before I knew it, we were in Detroit! Day of, they put us in these FAB orange robes, all matchy matchy. Uniformity is really glam. Then it was time for hair and makeup. The whole thing felt like a car wash—I’ve never been so plucked and pulled in my entire life. The Bottega nail team took my French tips off, because fashion. Hair slicked me back with black gel so my do wouldn’t look flaky. That high pony look stayed with me for FOUR days, girl. I learned I was closing right before the show started, and I was in SHOCK. I hit the runway stomping and just blacked out.After the finale walk, I immediately burst into tears and smeared my glossy red lipstick all over my face. I missed the party upstairs because I was waiting to shoot the look book. They handed me my things, gifted me a pair of spiky gold earrings and I pumped to the after party—at a bowling alley of all places! When I went to hug Mel, I accidentally stabbed him in the eye with my new Bottega Veneta earring! He was okay. After that, I bowled in heels at 3 am. Fab!”


dara allen

dara allen